Healthy eating for a healthy body

Healthy Food means Healthy Kids

Here at Horden Youth Community Centre Nursery, we believe that a balanced diet is vital for your child’s overall growth and development. Healthy foods provide the energy required by children to fully participate in the day's learning opportunities. We promote healthy packed lunches and encourage children to only drink milk or water. We also help your child learn how to make nutritious choices and develop healthy eating habits. 

We aim to provide home cooked meals at a very reasonable price in the very near future.

We are also part of a pilot scheme to promote tooth brushing throughout the day to preschoolers.
For more information please do not hesitate to ask.

Personal care at affordable prices

At Horden Youth Community Centre Nursery, we cater for children between the ages of 0–5 years. We have a baby, mini and midi rooms, and all our rooms have extremely qualified staff. The baby room caters for 0–2-year-old children with 2 full-time staff, the mini room caters for 2-3-year-old children with 2 full-time staff and midi room caters for 3–5-year-old children with 4 full-time staff members and the manager also if needed in either of the rooms. We offer free play and learn sessions for eligible 2-year-old children and free educational places for 3–4-year-old children.

Holiday clubs available

Alongside the baby room and preschool room, we also have a holiday club which caters for children between the ages of 0-8 years. We organize various indoor and outdoor activities to ensure that your children spend their holiday having lots of fun whilst learning at the same time.

Looking for a day nursery in Horden?

Horden Youth Community Centre Nursery is your answer.